I believe in the power of creativity to deliver disproportionate advantage to organizations and companies looking to create a meaningful difference.
Creating brands and nurturing them is my true passion. Seeing them grow, break boundaries, change perception, shape cultures and challenge status quo has been the driving force of my 20-year career.
Being an entrepreneur at the onset of my career, having founded and successfully run a multi-disciplinary design studio ‘Grandmother India’ for 15 years, which was considered one of India’s leading design studio, gave me immense knowledge, experience and confidence, that helped in shaping me as a creative leader.
Since 2014 I have had the opportunity to work at some of the world-renowned brand consultancy and design firms, collaborating with incredible talent from the industry across the globe. As well as consult and guide some of the most ambitious and challenging clients.
As a compassionate leader, I believe in nurturing a creative culture that inspires my team and challenges their limits to achieve triumph. I see my success in theirs, their challenges as mine, and our collective enthusiasm and shared a passion as the ingredients to deliver path-breaking solutions to our clients. 
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