Collaboration with art collective 'Art for Love' by Julien Isoré
Art for love is an interactive and collective art work proposed by Julien Isoré to promote love as a brand or a product. It had been defined by itself through repeated experiences around cultures as a collective artwork with global dimension where all aspects of society participate.
Concept: A site specific public intervention art installation. To see if people come forward to buy love as a product. Influenced by Mumbai street culture i decide to sell love in various size and shaped boxes for zero Rupees on the most busiest street market of Mumbai outside a railway station.
Result: I sold 240 boxes in 2 hours time. People from different walks of life came forward and asked for it, they were amused, glad, taken aback, some of them even shared their sad love stories, and one of them took all the different types of boxes to gift it to his entire family. The best part was, it brought smile on their faces and this intervention changed their mood for the rest of the day.
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