Over 20 years in existence, InterGlobe is a leader in aviation and travel related services and employs more than 10,000 people across the globe. As the parent company of Indigo Airlines, InterGlobe faced disparity of communication and recollection across seven verticals, with an identity that did not extend easily. They needed a strong, united voice to communicate their scale and strengths, and fast.
Identity Development
Identity Extension
Brand Communication Guidelines
Image Bank Development
Brand Corporate Tone of Voice
Brand Visual language
Partnering with Circus from London, we delved into the brand to build a foundation that would support existing and potential verticals, and reflect clear attributes that are actionable and tangible. We identified these attributes to be 
Ingenuity, Diligence, Operational Excellence, Insight, Futuristic, Dynamic.
When these values came together, a sense of dynamism emerged that became the crux of our identity - a pivot that bound these values at the core, a symbol that reflected unity and diversity at the same time. These values provided the skeleton for a vast identity system that extended across both physical and virtual applications.‘THE ALCHEMY’ is the bringing together of unique individual elements to create something exciting and innovative.
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