Indian Event at the J.F.Kennedy Center - Washington DC
28 States. 24 Languages. 1600 Dialects. Millions of cuisines. 59 Festivals. 330000 Gods and goddesses. One country. From the saree to the sarong. Home to sands and snow peaks, it's the only country that has over 300 ways of cooking the potato. Be its culture, colours, creed, caste, cuisine or customs, India's unity is in its diversity. A singular address of the plural.With over 200 languages, 12 officially recognized scripts and 1600 dialects, India is linguistically legendary. Its languages come from its varied cultures, owing to the religious diversity. Each script is different, having been born in a different land, from a different kingdom. Both fascinating and astonishing, evidently, India is too big to fit in one language.
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